Let’s cut the bull – your job is okay.

It’s comfortable, it’s safe, it pays the bills… but it’s not great.

And you secretly (okay, okay maybe not so secretly) want out.

You want a career that makes you come alive, not one that sucks your soul dry.

Girl, this is what I want for you too. I want to help you quit the job you hate, so you can do the work you actually love.

Who am I, and What Do I Do?

My name is Kathlyn Hart aka coach Kat.

I am a little mama on a mission to help ignite your butt into action so that you can have the career and life you’ve been dreaming of.

What’s my story? Read it here…

I work with ambitious women who know they’ve been playing small and are ready to jump into the career and life they crave.

In creating clarity and then a specific action plan, mixed with a little tough loving, I help women who feel stuck move towards their dreams.

Ready to make your move? Learn more about working together here…

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