Just Be Who You Are

Holy freaking cow I’m excited over here!  This is the first official day of Hustlyn Hart and I couldn’t be jumping up and down higher.  I just finished creating a video for you all which I’ll be posting tomorrow.  In the mean time here is today’s #harttoheart (<— the new #dailybitchslap, you like you like?) “Let’s just […]


New Blog in 3, 2, 1!

Welcome to the count down party for retiring of BitchesWork.com and launching HustlynHart.com! Helping me make this move, this week’s #dailybitchslaps are all on the theme of listening to your inner voice and embracing the journey.  (If you are new, #dailybitchslaps are daily doses of inspiration and motivation in the form of quotes.  Learn more about them here…) […]


Trusting Yourself and Taking Action

I launched this blog with the intention of helping people get more ballsy. But I’ve got a secret to confess, and that is… I’m still scared. That’s right, you heard me, I’m still scared. I’m scared of people loosing interest.  Of people wondering, “Who is this chick?” Or maybe even finding my voice not professional enough. […]


Does Success Lead to Happiness?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “after ______, then I’ll be happy” “After I get a raise, than I’ll be happy.” “After I finish this project, than I’ll be happy.” “After I lose 10 pounds, than I’ll be happy” For many of us the thought of future success is what motivates us. For example, “Work […]


One Trick That Will Help You Make a Decision Now

Want to Make a Decision Now? Three words – “Gun-To-Head.”  I recently read an article on the “Gun-To-Head” test, thought it was pure genius, and knew I needed to share. In a nut shell the “Gun-To-Head” test is all about helping you make those tricky (or maybe not so tricky) decisions. Picture this – you […]